The oneplus nord 2: An Impressive Phone at a Price Point That Is Comfortable


The all new smartphone by the name of the Oxygen Plus is now available for pre-order. The price of this handset is not yet known but it is presumed to be around $400. It also comes with a two-year contract with O2. The name of the smartphone is based on the fact that it carries a similar look and feel with the company’s other handset – the Oxygen Plus. oneplus nord 2

The new oneplus nord 2 is a high-end smartphone that has been created to compete with its competitors such as the iPhone and the HTC Desire. The company claims to have made the decision to launch the phone at a higher price point to remain competitive in the market and also to make sure that they offer a comprehensive package to their users. The Oxygen Plus has an impressive feature list that includes high-end Android operating system, many multi-tasking features, high-end audio functionality and a robust security updates package. These are all the factors that have made this handset stand out from its peers.

If we dig into the details of the Oxygen Plus, then we would find that it features a powerful chipset with octa-core processor that is clocked in at a rock-solid 2.5GHz. There is also a Mali tuned Adreno graphics card along with the regular Adreno standard A series that powers your normal Android device. On the other hand, the onerous or 2 has the option of Dual Shot mode that offers a second shooter experience when taking pictures or videos. This is quite convenient for people who use the camera more often than the usual one. When you are using the camera in this mode, the picture quality offered would be better as compared to the usual mode.

The Oneplus Nordic 2 also has the option of buying a wired or a wireless charging kit. While wireless charging kits are becoming popular with people who want to avoid a messy and lengthy process of plugging and unplugging the battery while charging up the handset, the wired kits are still preferred by a majority of people because they do not want to be bothered about the process. If you do not want to go all out and buy one of these kits, you could opt for one of the many earphones that are present in the market. There are several earphones from the Oneplus brand that allow you to get the best out of your mobile experience without spending so much. You could easily buy one of these headphones and enjoy music or videos with your favourite music or video in full 3D clarity.

While it has been mentioned before that the Oneplus Nordic 2 has an impressive display, one of the things that makes it a wonderful gadget is the battery life of the device. The phone lasts for a full day on just a single charge and this is one of the reasons why it scores so well in terms of endurance. The Oneplus Nokia 2 has a battery life that is much longer than the iPhone and even longer than some of the high end smartphones in the market. Oneplus Nokia 2 users are quite happy with the pace at which their phones last them a whole day and beyond.

To conclude, the Oneplus Nokia 2 is a great device in terms of features and performance. It has all the features that one needs from a mid-range phone and beyond. It scores very high in the virtual safety that it offers, with an average level of accuracy and security against theft. Apart from this, the phone comes at a cost of $400, which is not too high compared to mid-range phones in the market. With a price point that is neither too low nor high, the Nokia Oneplus 2 has established itself as a wonderful mid-range phone.

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